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Intellectual Property

The value of a new technology is calculated in many ways, including being awarded a patent or patents. The ability to design products that are exceptional, truly novel and patent worthy is a service Bushnell Engineering has proven time after time.

Bushnell Engineering is proud of our record of providing breakthrough design services for our clients. Including the recently completed design project for Vapor Fuel Technologies (VFT). Bushnell employees are named as inventors on multiple patents for VFT, as well as clients from previous projects.

Photo of Dental Gun patent Photo of Gunlock patent

U.S. Patents

  • 7,380,546 Vapor fueled engine
  • 7,028,675 Vapor fueled engine
  • 6,966,308 Vapor fueled engine
  • 6,907,866 Vapor fueled engine
  • 6,905,564 Process for creating expandable tire chamber
  • 6,681,749 Vapor fueled engine
  • 6,676,408 Direct pneumatic piston driven impression material dispensing system
  • 6,652,429 Exercise machine with controllable resistance
  • 6,570,501 Hand gun case
  • 6,391,096 Apparatus and method for extracting and analyzing gas
  • 6,386,252 Traction device for vehicle wheels
  • 6,365,105 Fluid handling apparatus
  • 6,244,666 Traction device for vehicle wheels
  • 5,934,886 Metering pump with piston and diaphragms
  • 5,755,540 Vehicle transporter
  • 5,615,840 Fishing reel with drag system
  • 5,370,533 Dental impression tray assembly and method of taking impressions
  • 5,263,679 Valve with actuator
  • 5,177,988 Security lock mechanism incorporating hydraulic dead locking
  • 4,913,475 Security lock mechanism

U.S. Patent Applications

  • 20080047645 Tractive Tire Method and Apparatus
  • 20080032245 System for improving fuel utilization
  • 20070277791 System for improving fuel utilization
  • 20070277790 System for improving fuel utilization
  • 20060191615 Tire having expandable tread portion
  • 20060101697 Paintball Gun Barrel Construction
  • 3 Additional Patents Pending.

Foreign Patents and Patent Pending Applications

  • Patents for several different inventions applied for World Wide.