Bushnell's Client Portfolio

“Providing leading edge design in a diverse range of fields.”

Bushnell's Client Portfolio

Virtually every company in every industry has long-term goals that seem difficult to achieve in the short term.

Often, these goals involve development of innovative, high-margin products that help a company achieve competitive advantage in a tougher than ever marketplace.

Yet, all too often, the realties of the day-to-day business, ROI considerations and lack of management time prohibit companies from addressing long-term goals. In addition, institutionalized R&D departments are sometimes not as productive.

The same mindset that thinks of and designs new products does not always flourish in structured corporate environments.

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Bushnell Engineering's Client List

  • Acti-Valve
  • A.I.S.
  • Astro-Tool Corp.
  • ATW
  • Armor Safe Co.
  • BowFlex/Nautilus
  • Blackstone
  • Cranston Machine Corp.
  • Dental Technologies
  • Edwards Mfg.
  • Environmed
  • Exactus
  • Fiskars/Gerber
  • Flowmatic
  • Gerlin, Inc.
  • Green Turf International
  • Gutterfast NW
  • Idatech
  • Intel
  • IPEC Planar
  • IronWood Pacific
  • Keith Mfg.
  • Microsoft
  • Micro Dental
  • Micro Monitors/Serveron
  • Northwest Regulator
  • The Coleman Co.
  • Soloflex
  • Southern Steel Co.
  • S.R.Smith
  • Stratos Fly Reel Co.
  • Ziba Design