Quality Prototypes, Low Cost Prototyping

“Providing low cost high quality prototyping services in a diverse range of fields.”

Quality Prototypes for Greater Success

Presentation of low cost high quality prototype

A great prototype can be the difference between your product’s successful launch into the marketplace or joining the other good ideas that never quite made it. You only have one chance to make a great first impression with investors and in many cases your prototype is that chance.

A professionally created prototype will answer the industrial design questions of form and fit as well as the functional electronic and mechanical engineering questions. If a picture speaks a thousand words, an excellent prototype will speak a million.

We, at Bushnell Engineering, have been specializing in innovative product design and engineering for nearly two decades. In that time, our company has participated in many successful product launches that have resulted from combining great industrial, mechanical and electronic design engineering with professionally crafted prototypes constructed by our dedicated model makers.

Our prototyping capabilities include SLA and SLS rapid prototype processes as well as CNC machining and fabrication of a wide variety of materials including elastomers, fabrics, woods, plastics and metals.

Successful demonstration of low cost high quality prototype

Often times people assume a high quality prototype will cost more than their budget allows. We have many years of experience providing low cost prototyping alternatives that will save you money as well as provide you with the edge you need for a winning demonstration. Let us have the opportunity to help make your invention the success it can be with the right presentation.